Since 2012 the OWSD-Elsevier Foundation Awards for Early-Career Women Scientists in the Developing World recognize the achievements of researchers who have made significant contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge. The program represents a longstanding partnership between the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) and the Elsevier Foundation.

Nominations for the 2020 awards are now closed.

About the awards

“These scientists are performing groundbreaking international-level science, often in circumstances where the deck has been stacked against them, They deserve to be honored and celebrated for their dedication not only to their research but to creating a better world for people to live in.” OWSD President Prof. Jennifer Thomson

Succeeding in the competitive world of science is challenging under the best of circumstances. But women scientists in countries with scarce resources and competing cultural expectations face significant additional obstacles as they strive to excel at careers in science. This awards program takes those factors into account by recognizing the research excellence of early-career women scientists from 81 developing countries. The program builds on the Elsevier Foundation-OWSD Awards for Young Women Scientists from the Developing World, which granted awards in 2010 and 2011.

Prizes are awarded annually on a rotating basis among the disciplines of Biological Sciences, Engineering Sciences and Physical Sciences. Each of the five winners will present their papers at the annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), which is attended by leading scientists, engineers, educators and policymakers from around the world.

Each year a total of five winners are selected, from the following regions: Latin America and the Caribbean; East and South-East Asia and the Pacific; Central and South Asia; Sub-Saharan Africa.

Meet the 2019 winners

Dr. Narel Paniagua-Zambrana (Bolivia): For her work documenting and protecting traditional knowledge of plant use by indigenous populations and local communities.

Dr. Uduak Okomo (Nigeria): For her work in defining routes of transmission of neonatal infections, contributing to better planning of health systems and resource distribution.

Dr. Tabassum Mumtaz (Bangladesh): For her work on bioconversion of waste byproducts and biomass into more environmentally-friendly compounds.

Dr. Amira Shaheen (Palestine): For her work investigating health care system responses to gender-based violence in primary and reproductive health services.

Dr. Tista Prasai Joshi (Nepal): For her research in developing novel metal oxide adsorbents to remove harmful organic and inorganic arsenic compounds efficiently from water.

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Applications for the 2020 awards will be accepted until 29 August 2019 for early-career women who have made significant contributions in the fields of Engineering and Technology. Evidence of innovation will be considered favourably.

For FAQs about eligibility, prizes and the selection process, please refer to the OWSD website.