Since 2005, the Elsevier Foundation provides over $1 million USD a year in grants to knowledge-centered institutions around the world, addressing key challenges in science, health and diversity identified by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have also recognized that technological solutions are increasingly playing a role in helping the world to support the SDGs. This has led us to evolve our approach into a tech-enabled, partnership-driven model allowing us to develop our knowledge and networks while facilitating closer, more sustained and impactful involvement in the work of these organizations.

  • Inclusive Health. Information technology can significantly advance the delivery of healthcare in vulnerable communities. Our partnerships support organizations working to improve health outcomes in underserved communities through the innovative use of health information.
  • Inclusive Research. The future of science requires a robust and diverse workforce drawn from all corners of society. Our partnerships advance women in science, encourage underserved youth to choose STEM careers, and widen access to academic knowledge for scientists in developing countries.

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