The future of science requires a robust and diverse workforce drawn from all corners of society. Our programs advance women in science, encourage underserved youth to choose STEM careers, and widen access to academic knowledge for scientists in developing countries.

Early career researchers

OWSD-Elsevier Foundation Women in Science Awards

Since 2012 the OWSD-Elsevier Foundation Awards for Early-Career Women Scientists in the Developing World recognize the achievements of researchers who have made significant contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

Falling Walls Foundation: Female Science Talents Program

The Program promotes and supports young talented women, helping them to make the transition from science to industry, offering them an international stage at the Berlin Science Week, and providing networks to help them be visible beyond Germany’s borders.

Asian Scientist-Elsevier Foundation Salon for Leadership in STEM

A two-day intensive leadership program that aims to equip women with the skills required for professional development and success. It is designed to create a safe space for women to gather, exchange ideas, get inspired and support one another in their professional journey.

Equality, diversity and inclusion in the research ecosystem

This project will address the under-representation of early-career scientists of Black origin, with a specific focus on the postdoctoral level. It will convene Black researchers and grant recipients, and stakeholders to listen, identify priorities, experiment and share good practice around successful support programmes.

Envisioning Futures

Interview women PIs in Japan, focusing on their leadership and laboratory management skills, and how they overcame challenges. By formalizing and disseminating these experiences, the project will accelerate the development of women researchers aiming for leadership positions.

Climate Action & Research in the Global South

The Elsevier Foundation Chemistry for Climate Action Challenge

The Chemistry for Climate Action Challenge awards projects that use green and sustainable chemistry solutions to tackle some of the Global South’s greatest challenges — supporting UN SDG13, Climate Action.

TWAS: Women in climate action research

To support action-based projects with a direct impact on society, the World Academy of Sciences provides research grants for projects led by women scientists that address concrete problems in climate change through collaboration and interdisciplinary research.

Research4Life: Country Connectors

The Country Connectors program aims to address the need for local interventions to heighten awareness and strengthen capacity of information use and management, as well as build communities of evidence users within national and regional settings.

COACh: Water First!

Water First! is led by the COACh organization at University of Oregon. Its aim is to offer African women the opportunity of maximizing their effectiveness in tackling water challenges in their home countries, through a series of in-country and online expert workshops.

GenderInSITE: Report on women’s participation in science academies

GenderInSITE produced a special InterAcademy Partnership-International Science Council study on the participation of women in science academies, offering results that allow for comparisons with a previous study undertaken in 2015, and provide important baseline information for gender transformation in global science.

Young talent

IMC Weekend School: Amsterdam STEM program

In Amsterdam, the IMC Weekend School works to foster the future of science and help underserved children get greater exposure to science and health education – both encouraging STM careers and promoting positive professional role models.

Girls Inc.: Data Analytics Preparatory Program

The Pre-G3: The Elsevier Foundation Data Analytics Preparatory Program is run with Girls’ Inc of New York. The program aims to offer girls tangible skills at a lower developmental level to prepare them for the concepts they will encounter in the high school programs.

Black Girls CODE: Philadelphia CODE Club

Black Girls CODE’s Philadelphia CODE Club provides participants with intensive training sessions to develop skills sets through a culturally-sensitive, community-focused STEM curriculum, along with soft skills training to foster deeper personal transformation and community ties for girls of color.