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In many scientific disciplines, equal numbers of men and women earn PhDs. The post-doc phase, however, coincides with prime childbearing… [Read more]

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The Sigma Theta Tau International Foundation for Nursing has received a $300,000 grant from The Elsevier Foundation to fund the… [Read more]

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Teaming up with STTI, Elsevier pays it forward for the future of nursing and health care. It’s not easy being… [Read more]

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A survey of scientists and researchers working in countries across the globe has found that both women and men find… [Read more]

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Despite gains over the past decade, women globally lag behind men in Internet usage, the science and engineering workforce, and… [Read more]

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An award for young women scientists in developing nations is helping to motivate female researchers and assist them in overcoming cultural barriers. The 2011… [Read more]

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Whether they call it corporate philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, or international development (see sidebar on the Lubuto Library Project), companies and… [Read more]

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Matthew Reisz on the awards that highlight the developing world’s leading young female scientists In Jordan, says Lubna Tahtamouni, smart… [Read more]

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Lenny Rhine teaches researchers in developing countries how to use the wealth of free resources made available through the Research4Life… [Read more]

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The 2010 grant recipients were selected from 260 proposals worldwide for their innovation and potential for impact in the developing… [Read more]