Vietnamese Mathematician Wins Elsevier Foundation Award

Published: Wednesday 25th February 2015
Dr. Dang Thi Oanh, Vietnam

Dr. Dang Thi Oahn is Head of the Division of Science-Technology and International Cooperation at Thái Nguyên University of Information and Communications Technology

Yesterday the Asian Scientist Magazine published an article on its Newsroom about this years “Elsevier Foundation Awards for Women in Science in the Developing World” with particular focus on award-winning Dr. Dang Thi Oanh from Vietnam.

Dr. Dang Thi Oanh, head of the Division of Science, Thái Nguyên University of Information and Communications Technology, was recognized for her work in developing algorithms that are used to solve problems that are normally too complicated for computers. Her work has helped to improve the accuracy of these methods, typically used for solving problems in fields such as artificial intelligence and computer graphics.

It is important that the world sees how women are contributing to the 21st century Vietnamese economy through science research,” said Oanh, “I am proud to be a part of this.”

Growing up in a tribal village in Vietnam, Oanh lived in a house with a roof made of leaves and no electricity. Motivated by more than a passion for learning, she would study by the light of an oil lamp.

“I had to escape the hunger and poverty. If you study, you don’t have to work on the farm; you have don’t have to gather dry wood in the jungle (to burn for heat and cooking),” she said.

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