Open access research that aims to change the world

Published: Wednesday 18th October 2023
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Researchers reveal why they choose to publish open access

How you publish and share scientific research is an important choice. It reflects your research goals and the nature of your research.

At Elsevier, we offer a range of open access options to fit the needs of researchers, funders and institutions globally. Throughout the year, we have spoken with researchers from around the world about their choice to publish open access and how it helps them make a difference in their communities and beyond. Here, we present a few of their stories for Open Access Week 2023.

Feeding the future with science

Personal experience with food insecurity led Prof Eugénie Kayitesi to pursue research into making indigenous foods more nutritious — and publish it open access.

Eugénie Kayitesi spent the first seven years of her life moving from one refugee camp to another as she and her parents fled the civil war in Uganda. She experienced first-hand the devastating effects caused by not having enough food:

“From one country to another, a lack of food was part and parcel of that experience. I saw people die from hunger or malnutrition-related issues.”

The experience led her to the path she is on today. Through her research, Eugénie hopes to improve nutrition, diet and food security in Africa and beyond.

“I think for most people, your career choices — your drive — is based on some of your experiences.”

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