The importance of working together

Published: Thursday 14th January 2016


Saving children’s lives. Advancing the careers of women. Building business networks to support innovation. At the TWAS General Meeting, partner organizations offered a vision of how they work to advance science.

VIENNA – Three organizations with important ties to TWAS delivered a clear message at the 26th General Meeting: Whether in developed or developing countries, partnerships are essential to progress. The partnerships can advance women in science, or support field campaigns to save children from deadly diseases. Or they can help build private enterprise as a crucial partner in development, especially in the South of the world.

“Developing countries need to engage in international cooperation. But first they need to achieve economic independence from developed nations, if they want to progress,”said Georg Kapsch, the president of the Federation of Austrian Industries, one of the institutions that have provided official support to TWAS 26th General Meeting.

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