The Elsevier Foundation funds first university-wide professorship in China

Published: Friday 15th October 2004

New York, 15 October 2004 – The Elsevier Foundation has endowed a chair in science and technology at Tsinghua University, China’s top research university, located in Beijing. One of the main purposes of this initiative is to assist in the integration of science coming out of Chinese institutions with the work of scientists based in other countries. This is to be done by developing further international collaborative projects and engaging in the development of related scientific communications. This professorship is a “first” for two reasons: 1) it is the first such award made by the Elsevier Foundation to any university; and 2) it is the first university-wide professorial appointment in China. The professorship will be named the “Elsevier Science and Technology University Professor” to emphasize its scientific and technical breadth and depth.

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