Study reports India’s slow progress in advancing women in science and technology

Published: Tuesday 29th October 2013
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A 2012 report on Gender Equality in the Knowledge Society found the number of women in the science, technology and innovation fields “alarmingly low” in the world’s leading economies, including the US. Women have long been fighting to be recognized in the same light as men. Although the past few decades have seen fundamental growth in gender equality, the reality is that equal opportunity is still a challenge for women in certain disciplines in various countries. India, for one, is making slow progress in regard to advancing women in science. This is evident in country reports conducted last year.

In a series of gender benchmarking studies, the opportunities and obstacles faced by women in science in emerging countries were examined. Key findings were summarized in country reports. Besides India, country reports for the US, European Union, South Africa, South Korea, Indonesia and Brazil were also conducted; Brazil’s findings were shared in an Elsevier Connect article last year. The seven reports were conducted by experts in international gender, science and technology issues from Women in Global Science and Technology (WISAT) and the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) and funded by the Elsevier Foundation.

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