The world in which we live has been significantly marked by the pandemic, spurring astonishing scientific progress, accelerating technological capacity but also exacerbating health disparities and revealing inequities across the Global South and North.

In response, the Elsevier Foundation has sought to address these trends, aligning our inclusive research and health portfolio even more closely with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Over the past two years, we have grown our partnerships in areas where we feel we have a strong role to play: Gender, Health, Reduced Inequalities and Climate Action and sought to identify a cross cutting, intersectional focus. Our investment in time, resources and dialogue has also helped us to leverage key content, data, analytics, channels and expertise from Elsevier, our core funder.

As the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, we have redoubled our commitment to inclusive health and research and sought to integrate more intersectionality, consolidate our SDG focus areas and grow new partnerships.

We have also continued to leverage our ability to convene stakeholders and tap Elsevier’s content, data, analytics and networks to bring stakeholders together and drive meaningful change.

Youngsuk “YS” Chi
President, The Elsevier Foundation
April 2022

Since 2005, he Elsevier Foundation contributes over $1.5 million a year to non-profit organizations through partnerships which incubate new approaches, highlight inequities and catalyze change toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Funded by Elsevier, a global information analytics company specializing in science and health, the Elsevier Foundation is part of Elsevier’s corporate responsibility program, and is able to leverage Elsevier’s funding, networks and unique insights in content, data, and analytics to expands its impact in gender, health, climate action and reduced inequalities.

In 2016, the Elsevier Foundation launched a series of new partnerships supporting innovations in inclusive health and research — more effectively aligning to the key science, health and technology challenges, as outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Elsevier Foundation also provides matching funds for donations to charitable organizations employees personally support to encourage their generosity and community involvement.

For us, partnering is about engaging, brainstorming and co-creating together, making our partnerships as impactful as they can be.

Ylann Schemm, Director, The Elsevier Foundation

Ylann Schemm, Director, The Elsevier Foundation

Inclusive Health

Information technology can significantly advance the delivery
of healthcare for vulnerable populations.

Our partnerships support organizations working to improve health outcomes in underserved communities around the world through the innovative use of health information.

Inclusive Research

The future of science requires a robust and diverse workforce
drawn from all corners of society.

Our programs advance women in science, encourage underserved youth to choose STEM careers, and widen access to academic knowledge for scientists in developing countries.


A unique public-private partnership between UN agencies,
universities and publishers, Research4Life aims to reduce the knowledge gap, stimulating productive and effective research, and promoting international collaborative research.

Research4Life is central to Elsevier’s goal of achieving universal access to research information: as a founding and driving partner, Elsevier contributes over 20% of the peer reviewed resources in Research4Life, encompassing databases such as Science Direct, Scopus, Clinical Key and Embase.

The Elsevier Foundation contributes important resources to Research4Life's information literacy capacity building:

• Ylann Schemm, Director of the Elsevier Foundation, has worked with Research4Life since 2009 and currently serves as Chair of Research4Life’s Executive Council.

• Over over $500,000 in grants to support training since 2008, including MOOCs and a total of 25 face-to-face training grants for librarians, and 90 training workshops in 40+ countries.

• In 2022, the Elsevier Foundation will support Research4Life’s newly launched Country Connectors project, aiming to address the need for local interventions to heighten awareness and strengthen capacity of information use and management, and to build communities of users within national and regional settings.

The Elsevier Foundation and Elsevier

Science, research and innovation are fundamental to achieving the sustainable and equitable future envisaged by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With an ambitious 2030 target, there are only 10 years left to accelerate action and drive positive change.

From Elsevier’s publishing portfolios and analytics capabilities, to supporting unique partnerships and working with the global research and health communities, we believe that it is possible to achieve significant progress towards the Goals.

The Elsevier Foundation forms an integral part of Elsevier’s corporate responsibility program, which centers on unique contributions to sustainable development in health, gender, reduced inequalities and climate.


The Elsevier Foundation is governed by a Board of 5 external and 6 Ex-Officio members. External Board members serve 3-year renewable terms and represent a broad range of expertise in sustainability, development, diversity, education, research and global health. Ex-Officio members are leaders within Elsevier and RELX who are deeply supportive of the Foundation’s mission. The President of the Board, YoungSuk ‘YS’ Chi, presides over the Board meetings, which provides strategic guidance on program priorities, new partnerships, emerging issues and best practices as well as sound ethical, financial and legal governance.

On a day-to-day basis, the Elsevier Foundation is run by a small core team consisting of a Director, Partnerships Director and Coordinator, as well as a Communications Director who also oversees Elsevier's corporate responsibility programs, and specially appointed treasurer, legal counsel and advisors.

Our board members

Click on the picture above to learn more about our Board and team.

Click on the picture above to learn more about our Board and team.

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