The New York Academy of Sciences

NYASTo thrive in our technology and information driven economy, our next generation of students need viable STEM skills. The New York Academy of Sciences, one of the oldest and most distinguished US organizations of scientists and researchers, offers the After-School STEM Mentoring Program (ASMP) to New York’s most underserved children, ensuring that they are exposed to the inspiring world of STEM. The Elsevier Foundation partnership supported the NYAS’ engagement with funds, volunteers and additional support for the early career scientist mentors.

“The beauty of this program is that not only do kids learn critical STEM skills, which are increasingly important for many types of jobs, but they also learn that STEM professionals can look just like them. They meet, often for the very first time, real live scientists and engineers who are young, passionate, and come from diverse backgrounds. Suddenly, they start to see that not only is STEM interesting, but it’s something that they can do, too.”

Meghan Groome, Senior VP Education, The New York Academy of Sciences

Our goals
• Build capacity within the ASMP by expanding our reach to isolated and underserved areas of NYC by creating a cohort of “Elsevier Scholars” who received a stipend to mentor in these areas.
• Host 2 STEM Bonanzas and expand our Family Science Nights to all of New York City’s 5 boroughs.
• Expand professional development opportunities to Science Alliance members through the “Elsevier Professional Development Series.”