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Amref Health Africa, headquartered in Kenya, is the largest Africa based international Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO) currently running programs in over 35 countries in Africa with lessons learnt over 60 years of engagement with governments, communities and partners to increase sustainable health access in Africa. 

In 2013, Amref, in partnership with the Kenyan Ministry of Health, Rutgers, the Nurses Council of Kenya, and several training institutions for nurses, implemented Jibu, a mobile learning solution to support the professional development of nurses and midwives.

Supporting nurses and midwives through mLearning

Common challenges faced by nurses in Africa include acute shortages, retention, motivation and limited access to education and training. Amref, an African-led NGO based in Kenya, is using innovative approaches to build the capacity of health workers through e- and mLearning. 

In 2013, Amref piloted Jibu, a mobile learning app to support the professional development of nurses and midwives, in partnership with the Kenyan Ministry of Health, Rutgers University, the Nursing Council of Kenya and several training institutions. Jibu is Swahili for “answer” and is primarily aimed at capacity building, offering a cost-effective way to make continuous education and collaboration available to nurses through their mobile phones. 

In 2016, Jibu was able to ramp up to a full-scale East African program with multi-year support from the Elsevier Foundation. During phase 1, over 10,000 nurses and midwives in 3 countries enrolled in the application, signalling a strong desire to access credible, up-to-date learning materials. To achieve scale and quality in training, Amref upgraded its learning management system into an integrated e-Campus platform serving as a one-stop shop with coordinated learning solutions to enable the scaling of health training and information to health workers across Sub Saharan Africa. 

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For more about Jibu you can read “Jibu – Increasing Access to Health Information for Nurses in Kenya“, a presentation by Amref’s Diana Mukami from the STTI Conference in Capetown, 22 July 2016

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