Our contributions to the SDGs

Science, research and innovation are fundamental to achieving the sustainable and equitable future envisaged by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With an ambitious target of 2030, there is only 10 years left where we must all urgently accelerate progress.

We are committed to working with our partners to help drive positive change and make the next decade one of action. By combining our unique insights from content, data and analytics with the networks and expertise of the research community, we believe it is possible to progress towards achieving the goals. We are doing this in core focus areas:

The Elsevier Foundation is part of Elsevier’s corporate responsibility program, along with a number of unique contributions dedicated to sustainable development.

We understand that science and research are key drivers for positive global societal change. From our publishing portfolios and analytics capabilities, to supporting unique partnerships and working with the global research and health communities — we are proud of our contributions to inclusive science and research.