New report: Building capacity and equity in research and health, for an inclusive and sustainable future

Published: Monday 22nd April 2024
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Dive into the details of our work! Download our latest annual report to discover the full extent of the Elsevier Foundation’s, and our partners’, impact.

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For nearly two decades, the Elsevier Foundation has built a portfolio of partnerships that champion underrepresented researchers, healthcare professionals and librarians — with projects ranging from Climate Action challenges, to digital health programs, awards for women scientists in the global South, and more.

By leveraging Elsevier’s content, data, networks, and analytics, since 2005, the Elsevier Foundation has contributed over $19 million in grants to support over 100 partners in more than 70 countries.

It is by working in — and crucially with — communities most affected by complex global issues, and tapping Elsevier’s content, data, analytics and networks, that we believe we can have the most impact and bring much needed diverse perspectives into the research and health communities.  

Throughout 2023, we worked closely with our partners, colleagues and our Board members to ensure that our strategy supports the Elsevier Foundation’s ability to operate as a catalyst for innovative, early-stage initiatives. We found that the words of one of our Board members really embodies the impact we are striving to achieve: “The vision is around the impact that we’re having on individuals as well as the communities that we serve. One person, one impact has this huge ripple effect like throwing a pebble in a pond, and you start to see ripples, and it goes on for miles and miles and miles”.