Gender Summit to focus on how gender affects scientific research

Published: Monday 7th October 2013

During the last 10 years, the number of female PhD graduates in Europe has been growing at twice the rate of that of men, with 49% of PhD degrees being now awarded to women. In the US it is 50%. On this trend, there will be soon more highly educated women in society than men. During this time, however, the number of women reaching top academic positions has remained stubbornly below 20%, and in innovation areas, just 8% of patent applications submitted to the European Patent Office come from women. Dr. Elizabeth Pollitzer is director of Portia Ltd., and in 2011, Portia Ltd. received a $130,000 grant from the Elsevier Foundation New Scholars program for its Scenario Toolkit for Advancing Careers in Science. She has served as “architect” of the Gender Summit since its inception in 2011, guiding its focus on gender issues in research and innovation and helping to bring together the scientists, policy makers, gender scholars and others groups in the science system).

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