Driving inclusive health and research through global partnerships

Published: Monday 14th December 2020
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For its 15th anniversary, the Elsevier Foundation has added Race & Ethnicity partnerships to support STEM diversity and combat health disparities

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Supporting Black girls in technology. Awarding Green & Sustainable Chemistry prizes Helping develop nursing apps in East Africa. Hosting datathons in London and New York. These are just a few of the ways the Elsevier Foundation has worked with partners
in 50 countries to help underserved communities around the world achieve better health outcomes and a more sustainable research ecosystem.

But how do we really drive change through partnerships? And what have we changed?

After a decade of grant giving based on calls for proposals — which offered a high volume and one-direction approach to building a community in a specific area — we started to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and took on a partnership-driven approach. That was five years ago. Since then, we have seen a real difference the impact of our programs.

As with any relationship, longer-term partnerships require time, resources and an ongoing dialogue to grow. With this investment, we’ve also been able to better liaise with Elsevier, bringing in relevant content, data, analytics, channels and expertise as needed to boost the impact of each partnership. Above all, we’ve learned that it’s never just about the funding; it’s about listening and the ongoing conversation.

In such a bewildering and tumultuous year as 2020, we have continued to serve communities worldwide, helping science and healthcare to be truly inclusive. By committing to hard work and ongoing dialogue, we have found new partners to work with on meaningful collaborations to advance the UN Decade of Action.

New race & ethnicity partnerships drive equality in research

This year, the world witnessed a series of brutal police killings in the United States. As part of our response to publicly condemn racism and recognize its corrosive effects on society, the Elsevier Foundation has worked closely with Elsevier’s Race & Ethnicity executive sponsors and Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Board to develop new partnerships to combat health disparities and fund scholarships for Historically Black Colleges and Universities and and technology programs for Black girls.

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