#DataDive NYC: Follow the volunteer data scientists, statisticians, coders and hackers as they build solutions for human rights

Published: Thursday 21st June 2018
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At Google HQ in New York, Elsevier’s technologists and data scientists are joining colleagues from Google Cloud, Teradata and 11th Hour Project for this DataKind event

New York, NY —  Professionals in data science and related fields are converging at Google headquarters this weekend to volunteer for the DataKind NYC DataDive. They are using machine learning and other techniques to develop solutions for three organizations that help communities protect human rights and the environment.

DataKind is a global nonprofit organization that is “harnessing the power of data science in the service of humanity.” Their DataDive is a weekend-long event where teams of data science volunteers work with nonprofit organizations to develop solutions that help them achieve their missions.

In this event, they are exploring how to use machine learning to track the real-time status of claims about harm to individuals or communities caused by internationally-financed projects, and how to automate processes to help organizations learn about new international development projects more quickly.

We will be there Friday evening through Sunday afternoon to interview participants and give updates. Elsevier has 10 volunteers, and the Elsevier Foundation is a sponsor along with the 11th Hour ProjectAmerican AirlinesGoogle Cloud and Teradata.