Antibiotics resistance in Africa need urgent attention

Published: Thursday 22nd March 2018

Mothers and children at Epicentre’s Niger Research Center. ©BONNET Séverine/Epicentre-MSF

The rising threat of antibiotics resistance in the Sub-Saharan Africa region is making interventions at policy and medical levels urgent, scientists say.

According to Céline Langendorf, an epidemiologist with the Epicentre, MSF, “More and more patients die because of ineffective antibiotics. The entire population, including healthprofessionals, must become aware of this problem and rationalise the use of antibiotics to prevent the spread of these [antibiotic-resistant] bacteria.”

“This is not only a problem of high-income countries. [There is a need for] access to second- and third- line antibiotics in hospitals, development of an efficient antibiotics resistance surveillance network at country level where there is none, and implementation of antibiotics stewardship training and monitoring in hospitals and medical universities,” she says.