Update: only 4 weeks left to submit your idea for the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge

Published: Monday 15th August 2016




Your brilliant mind and excellent ideas are needed to make the chemistry industry more sustainable!

The Elsevier Foundation Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge calls for action to bring the world one step closer to more sustainability. Chemists play a major role in ensuring a continued supply of the fertilizer, medicines and other chemicals needed to support the world’s population. They also design processes and products that reduce or eliminate the production of unwanted or hazardous chemicals that can potentially damage the environment and thus contribute to sustainability. If you can find yourself in this description, please do not hesitate to seize this opportunity.

This year’s challenge is dedicated to set a benchmark for innovation and to ensure practical applicability of projects suitable for developing countries. Participants are invited to tackle some of the developing world’s greatest sustainability challenges whether in water, sanitation or energy.

Submission of proposals are accepted until September 15th.


Last year, nearly 500 submissions from around the world were received for the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge. After an extensive review, the scientific jury selected five finalists, and a member of each team presented their proposals to the jury at the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference April 4 in Berlin. Check out the video to get an impression of the great festivities.