2024 Chemistry for Climate Action Challenge – Top 5

Published: Monday 12th February 2024
Categories: NEWS

We believe that chemistry plays a critical role in developing a sustainable future. Chemists have a special responsibility to develop those new products, resources and processes to make that happen. After 5 successful editions of the Elsevier Foundation Green & Sustainable Chemistry Challenge, and thousands of proposals from around the world, we are proud to re-launch as the Chemistry for Climate Action Challenge.

We’re proud to announce the top 5 contestants, who will join us at the 8th Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference (13-15 May, 2024) and will pitch their proposals to the scientific jury.

  • Salah El Sadi, Removal of Nitrate and Chloride from water using a green technology that is free from chemicals or electricity
  • Altantuya Ochirkhuyag, Oyun-Erdene Gendenjamts, VolcaniBlock: Sustainable block Material from Mongolian Volcanic Rocks for Organic Pollutant Removal in Wastewater
  • Gudula Naiga, Waste management: black soldier fly protein insect value chain linkages
  • María Alejandra Flórez-Restrepo, Xiomara López-Legarda and Freimar Segura-Sánchez, Development of mycelium biomaterials from white-rot fungi isolated from Colombian forests for climate action
  • John Adongo, Cynthia Mudalungu and Alice Ochieng, Carbon capture beads designed from iron-fortified avocado seed waste