Women in Science

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SciDev’s short course helps scientists maximize the quality and impact of their research Heart disease is now the leading killer of American and European women, but too often women are grossly misdiagnosed. This is because heart disease has historically been defined as a “male disease,” and doctors were taught to look out for symptoms based on men’s physiologies — the stabbing pain in the heart rather than women’s… [Read more]

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To the Editor of the New York Times, Re:  “Women Quit Jobs in Peak Years, Setback for Them and Economy” (front page, June 23): The work-life balance challenge faced by working women is particularly difficult for those in STEM professions (science, technology, engineering and math). Taking time off the research track can be a potentially career-ending decision for a woman, as she can lose valuable connections and funding.… [Read more]

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The number of women in science, technology and innovation in the world’s leading economies is alarmingly low and actually on the decline in several, including the U.S. Women remain severely under-represented in degree programs for these fields. Even in countries where the numbers of women studying science and technology have increased, more women are not finding their way into the workplace. This why the recent winners of the… [Read more]