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Climate change has been a growing challenge for many of people living around Lake Turkana in northern Kenya. Hundreds of thousands of them depend on herding cattle and goats, but as the area has become dryer, forage plants for livestock have become increasingly scarce. The population living around Lake Turkana – more than 500,000 people in all – needed a new source of food and income. The obvious… [Read more]

Categories: News, Research in Developing Countries
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New Elsevier Foundation-TWAS program sends Visiting Experts to train researchers in sustainability science By 2030, we will live in a better world. We’ll achieve universal access to safe drinking water. Housing will be safe and affordable, and waste will be recycled and reused. Energy and technology will be clean and renewable. Or we can let our planet continue to wrestle with an exploding population, food security, climate change,… [Read more]